This widget is designed to work in your website directly. This widget makes it easy to use Piwik to automatically display the list of Top Keywords, for each of your website Page URLs.

Example API URL - For example if you would like to get the top 10 keywords, used last week, to land on the page, in format JSON: you would dynamically fetch the data using this API request URL. Make sure you encode the 'url' parameter in the URL.

PHP Function ready to use! - If you use PHP on your website, we have prepared a small code snippet that you can copy paste in your Website PHP files. You can then simply call the function DisplayTopKeywords(); anywhere in your template, at the bottom of the content or in your blog sidebar. If you run this code in your page, it would output the following:

Top Keywords for

Here is the PHP function that you can paste in your pages:

Notes: You can for example edit the code to to make the Top search keywords link to your Website search result pages.
On medium to large traffic websites, we recommend to cache this data, as to minimize the performance impact of calling the Piwik API on each page view.